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Saving Money with Essential Oils

Saving Money with Essential Oils? Imagine How Much Money You Could Be Saving In Your Home … with (YLTG) Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils

Yes, it is well known for regular users of essential oil that they are effective. Especially when used in massage therapy and meditation. They also have a wide range of other powerful applications.

  • They can be extremely useful when used in First Aid treatment. Use for burns, insect bites, cuts, bruises, and more.
  • Anti-bacterial properties make them highly effective for sanitizing. As well as disinfecting, deodorizing and air purification as well.
  • Some essential oils make excellent toxin-free cleaning agents.  Use for removal of grease, oil, carpet stains, crayon, etc.
  • The properties in some essential oils make them amazingly effective in anti-aging, energy and health-giving applications. Use them both alone and when combined with supplements.
  • Nothing beats the power of essential oils in personal care products. We offer essential oils for skin, hair and personal hygiene.
  • Get Started Now! More Information: Premier Starter Kit

Let’s take a look at different products in your home that you could replace with just a few small bottles of various essential oils.

In the “Medicine Chest”

  • Antiseptic and skin-healing properties (Frankincense)
  • Athlete’s Foot Creams (Lemon)
  • Back Alignment (Valor)
  • Burn Ointments (Lavender)
  • Cold Sore Balms (Lavender)
  • Headache (Peppermint)
  • Insect Repellents (Purification)
  • Pain Creams (Cool Azul Pain Cream, PanAway or Peppermint)
  • Sinus Tablets (Peppermint)
  • Sleep Aids (SleepEssence Softgels, Lavender, Peace And Calming)
  • Wart Removal Products (Lemon)

In the Bathroom

  • After Shave (Lavender)
  • Bath Oils (Several Oils)
  • Chapped Lip Sticks (Lavender)
  • Cold Sore Balms (Lavender)
  • Dandruff Shampoos (Lavender)
  • Deodorant (Lavender)
  • Perfumes (Several Oils)
  • Skin Lotions (Lavender)

In the Kitchen and Around the House


  • Anti-Bacterial Cleaners (Lemon)
  • Mold Removal (Thieves)
  • Cooking Spices (Vitality Oils)
  • Herbal Teas (Vitality Oils)
  • Lemonade (Lemon Vitality)
  • Moth Balls (Lavender)

And this selection is a very small sample of a VERY LONG LIST of products that you can replace in your home. It only takes just a few small bottles of essential oils. We have over 200 different essential oils and oil blends to choose from. Plus an amazing array of the highest quality health and longevity oil enhanced products. These oils are totally unique in our industry.

The 5 oils mentioned above are contained in our “Premier Starter Kits“. This is one of the nicest, cost-saving, health and longevity enhancing gifts you could ever give yourself and anyone you know.

It’s hard to say what my favorite use of these wonderful essential oils is.        I just can’t imagine a day without them. I am excited to hear what your favorite uses of the oils are.

Please call me and share your success! I know there will be many.

Contact: Debbie Allen, MNT, CNHP, Denver, CO
YL ID# 73621  Phone: 303-782-4842

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