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Education Resource

Education Resource

Education Resource

Hello! This page includes links to Young Living resources and education to help you get started or help you continue to learn about Young Living Essential Oils. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy, massage therapy, emotional health, personal care, nutritional supplements, household solutions, and so much more. Essential oils support the body’s natural defenses. Many essential oils are immune-enhancing, mood-elevating, aromatic, regenerating, and oxygenating. There is so much to learn when researching the safety and effectiveness of essential oils. Become an expert on essential oils, wellness, and the Young Living lifestyle. Here are a few links to help.

Education Resource Materials

Great resources for books, cases, sample bottles, brochures, etc.
Life Science Publishing
Abundant Health

Young Living Corporate: Learning / Websites

Young Living Virtual Office
Young Living MEMBER Resources
Young Living Blog
Young Living Seed to Seal Knowledge

Young Living Product Guides

2021 Young Living Product Guide and Price List
Young Living NingXia Red Product Guide
Young Living Slique -In-60 Product Guide
Young Living Nature’s Ultra CBD Guide
Explore the Powerful Thieves Products

Young Living Social Media

Facebook: Denver Oils
Facebook: Gluten-Free Oils
Facebook: Young Living Corporate
Young Living Twitter
Young Living Instagram
Young Living Photos

Young Living Education

Young Living Sponsored Events Educational Meetings
Young Living World EDU

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are ONLY available from Young Living Essential Oils

Display all Young Living Personal Care Products online. Review here.
Nothing feels and smells like Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
For that reason, insist on them. Please contact us with any questions. Go here.

Display all Young Living Personal Care Products online from GF-Oils. Look here.
Young Living Essential Oils | Singles | Blends | Roll-ons | Skin Care | Kids | Baby

Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade oils, created with skill from our essential oil farms that play an integral role in the Seed to Seal promise. You should educate yourself about the quality and why it’s important before buying essential oils. To learn more, click here. | CBD 101 | Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils | Oil Blends
Supplements| Softgels | Nutrition | Aromatherapy | Oily Skin Care
Young Living Essential Oils | Diffusing Oils | Ingest Oils | Massage Oils

Lastly, what is Young Living doing now? Check out our Blog, look here.

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