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Compare Essential Oil Companies


Compare Essential Oil Companies

Compare Essential Oil Companies - Oil DropCompare essential oil companies.  Let’s look at a variety of variables that will help YOU choose the best company to buy your essential oils from. Disclaimer: I have used essential oils for my personal use for over 20 years. I personally prefer Young Living’s line of therapeutic-grade oils. I have personally used them for my health, aromas, perfume, laundry, house cleaning, and personal care items; such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. This is just the shortlist of comparisons.


Compare the companies in this chart that I created to share my thoughts about the essential oils company history.

Companies         Established     Distillery House        Owns Farms     Quality      Plants, Cultivates, Harvest, Distills

Young Living                 1991                           YES                       YES                 YLTG                          YES

doTerra                            2008                          NO                         NO                     NO                                NO

Mountain Rose Herbs  1987                             NO                        NO                    NO                                 NO

AuraCacia                         1982                           NO                        NO               100% Pure                        NO

You may ask yourself, why do any of these items on this chart mean or matter?

Farm Hands Planting a Conifer Tree

What’s so important about that? If you have ever been a farmer or worked on a farm. You may already know the genuine reason for farming your plants from start to finish. Farmers know what the difference is. When you control the process from seed to seal, you know the products that you have in your hand.

Young Living controls its product right from start.

yl-lavender-farmYoung Living Essential Oil Company plants the seeds that the oils will be derived from. They also cultivate, harvest, and distill many of their essential oils. This is done right at our very own farms around the world. This is the unique ability to verify Young Living’s Seed to Seal Process. When you can have the opportunity to verify quality standards at every step of the process, you know that you have a therapeutic-grade essential oil.

Compare Facts: Young Living is also one of the most expensive essential oils you’ll ever buy.

Now you know why. Quality is NOT cheap. Young Living quality standards, production ethics, and company structure are worth it to you. However, if you would like to compare, please read on.

dōTERRA Stole Young Living Trade Secrets

Let’s chat about dōTERRA. This company began in 2008, with former Young Living administrators. These doterra owners had worked side by side with Gary Young, the founder of Young Living. Some had worked with Gary for upwards of 10 years.

doTerra started by STEALING everything

To get started from their former employer, Young Living. Formulas, member databases, and many trade secrets of Young Living were stolen by the doterra co-founders Emily Wright, Dr. David Sterling, and Justin Harris.  David Sterling was the Medical Director at Young Living’s clinic in Utah for a few years. Emily Wright was Gary’s personal assistant for 10 years. Justin Harris was the Western regional director. I knew them all. This trio of “bandits” even called all the herb companies that Gary had REJECTED. These are clearly second-rate oils that doterra sells. I used to get calls from them all the time. My name was on their database that they stole too.

If Karma is part of your lifestyle, I would steer clear of doTerra

They just leave a very bad taste in my mouth. Just my 2 cents. Read more: doterra Report

Compare Truth is Truth

If you want to read a brief compilation of history and compare facts check this out: Young Living Difference. I hope to not offend anyone. I simply just educate and share the truth. Ingesting poorly created oils can pose many health problems. Utilizing pure oils is the best way to stay healthy. I have used Young Living oils for over 20 years. I truly believe that Young Living essential oils are one of the best authentic essential oil brands. Great company and products.

 Therapeutic Grade Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils are created with skill from our essential oil farms. Our farms play an integral role in the Seed to Seal promise. Educate yourself about the quality and why it’s important before buying essential oils. To learn more about our products, look here.

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