Frequency of Young Living Essential Oils

Everything on the planet has a frequency “signature”.

Frequency of Young Living Essential Oils

Everything: every human, animal, plant, tree, herb, essential oil, and even planet; vibrate at their very own frequency or rhythm. Using essential oils can help you alter your frequency. In conclusion, it helps you heal, grow, and change.



Frequency measures health


Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy.

It is constant between any two points. When there is frequency, there is electromagnetic potential. We are being influenced by the magnetic action (or attraction) of the frequencies that surround our lives each day. Frequencies impact our state of well-being. Essential oils are measured in Megahertz frequencies. Essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance.

Frequency pf essential oils

Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) have been
measured to be anywhere from 52 Hz to 320 MHz.

What Does Hertz Mean?

Everything has an electrical frequency (the number of oscillations per second) measured in hertz. (MHz) Megahertz is a unit of frequency, equal to one million cycles per second. All atoms in the universe have vibrational motion.

  • 1 Hertz (Hz) = 1 oscillation per second (ops)
  • 1 Kilo Hertz (KHz) = 1,000 ops
  • 1 MegaHertz (MHz) = 1,000,000 ops or 1 million
  • 1 GigaHertz (GHz) = 1,000,000,000 ops or 1 billion
  • 1 Tetra Hertz (THz) = 1,000,000,000,000 ops or 1 trillion

Studies show that negative thoughts lower our frequency on average by 12 Hz. Positive thoughts raise our Hz on average by 10 Hz. Prayer and meditation raise our frequency on average by 15 Hz. These are the findings: Foods (fresh foods and herbs can be higher if grown organically and eaten freshly picked):

Fresh Foods20-27 MHz
Fresh Herbs20-27 MHz
Dried Foods15-22 MHz
Dried Herbs15-22 MHz
Processed/Canned Food
(the majority of the food we eat)
0 MHz

YLEO Single Essential Oils

Sandalwood96 MHz
Melissa (Lemon Balm)102 MHz
German Chamomile105 MHz
Myrrh105 MHz
Lavender118 MHz
Ravensara134 MHz
Helichrysum181 MHz
Rose320 MHz

YLEO Essential Oils Blends (alphabetical order)

(oils 78 and below work specifically with harmonizing and balancing the physical body)

Abundance78 MHz
Acceptance102 MHz
Aroma Life84 MHz
Aroma Siez64 MHz
Awaken89 MHz
Brain Power78 MHz
Christmas Spirit104 MHz
Citrus Fresh90 MHz
Clarity101 MHz
DiGize102 MHz
Dragon Time72 MHz
Dream Catcher98 MHz
EndoFlex138 MHz
En-R-Gee106 MHz
Envision90 MHz
Exodus II180 MHz
Forgiveness192 MHz
Gathering99 MHz
Gentle Baby152 MHz
Grounding140 MHz
Harmony101 MHz
Hope98 MHz
Humility88 MHz
ImmuPower89 MHz
Inner Child98 MHz
Inspiration141 MHz
Into the Future88 MHz
Joy188 MHz
JuvaFlex82 MHz
Live With Passion89 MHz
Magnify Your Purpose99 MHz
Melrose48 MHz
Mister147 MHz
Motivation103 MHz
M-Grain72 MHz
PanAway112 MHz
Peace & Calming105 MHz
Present Time98 MHz
Purification46 MHz
Raven70 MHz
R.C.75 MHz
Release102 MHz
Relieve It 56 MHz
Sacred Mountain176 MHz
Sensation88 MHz
Surrender98 MHz
Thieves150 MHz
3 Wise Men72 MHz
Trauma Life92 MHz
Valor47 MHz
White Angelica89 MHz


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