Young Living’s commitment to sharing the internal benefits of our therapeutic-grade essential oils, our Softgels offer the benefits of the oils you love in a revolutionary delivery system.  Featuring precision delivery softgels that are time-released into the small intestines, the contents of each softgel product are available for maximum absorption and are circulated throughout the body in their full strength.

  • Inner Defense, # 3295Inner Defense, # 3295

    Inner Defense Softgels #3295

    Inner Defense Softgels reinforce systemic defenses, creates unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus. This also promotes healthy respiratory function. The liquid softgels dissolve quickly for maximum results.

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    Item # 3295

    Made by Young Living, USA

  • mens-healthProstate Health

    Prostate Health Softgels #21016

    Prostate Health is uniquely formulated for men concerned with supporting the male glandular system and maintaining healthy, normal prostate function. Prostate Health is an essential oil supplement featuring powerful saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil—ingredients known for their support of a healthy prostate gland.
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    Item # 4644

  • ParaFree Softgels #6201

    ParaFree Softgels #6201

    ParaFree Softgels is formulated with an advanced blend of some of the strongest essential oils studied for their cleansing abilities.* This formula also includes the added benefits of sesame seed oil and olive oil.

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  • Sleep EssenceSleepEssence

    SleepEssence Softgels #4760

    SleepEssence combines lavender, vetiver, valerian, and Ruta graveolens essential oils with the hormone melatonin (a well-known sleep aid). SleepEssence is a natural way to enable a full night’s rest.
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    Item # 4760

  • Olive Essentials, #26817

    Olive Essentials Foundation Nutrition #26817

    Olive Essentials supports total body wellness, a healthy immune system, and internal cleansing.

    Item #26817


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