Young Living Vitality Essential Oils are Non-GMO certified.Vitality Dietary Essential Oils are perfect for adding flavor to your favorite foods or using as dietary supplements. Non-GMO Certified Dietary essential oils gives you the freedom to share and explore some of our best-loved essential oils.



We invite you to discover Vitality Oils: For food, for family, for life.

We invite you to explore Vitality dietary essential oils. Young Living’s line of pure therapeutic-grade unique Dietary Vitality essential oils are sourced from the world’s finest plants. Specifically, our oils are NOT diluted with chemical and synthetic additives. They are ONLY carefully prepared to maintain plant integrity. This commitment to purity makes Young Living’s essential oils the world’s premium essential oil line.

  • 100% pure therapeutic grade quality oils
  • Harmonious, synergistic combinations to enhance their effectiveness on specific concerns.
  • Most blends may be applied feet or in dilution with Mixing Oil
  • The blends may be diffused, applied topically, or added to water for bathing and cleaning.
  • Many blends may be worn as a perfume, on the neck, the face, the throat, the wrists, the ankles, the back,
    behind the ears, over the heart and, of course, on the bottom of the feet.

F.Y.I (For Your Information):

5 ml is 17/100ths of an ounce or roughly 1/5th ounce
15 ml is 51/100ths of an ounce or roughly 1/2 an ounce

Conversions (approximate):
8 dram = 30 ml = 1 ounce
4 dram = 14.8 ml = 1/2 ounce
2 dram = 7.4 ml = 1/4 ounce
1 dram = 3.7 ml = 1/8 ounce
1/2 dram = 1.8 ml = 1/16 ounce

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Showing 1–12 of 48 results