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AgilEase Joint Health Supplement #5764

AgilEase for Joint Health, especially beneficial for athletes. Also a great supplement for middle-aged and elderly people who may experience a natural, acute inflammation response in their joints after exercise.
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Item  #5764

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AgilEase for Joint Health

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AgilEase Joint Health Supplement | Item #5764
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First of all, infusing nutritional supplements with the added benefit of essential oils enables nature’s living energy to provide internal bodily support. Young Living’s supplements contribute to overall wellness. This is done by balancing dietary insufficiencies and infusing the body with essential oils. They are naturally derived and also plant-based to care for the entire family. Our supplements include several unique products including NingXia Red liquid nutrition, Slique weight-management, Foundation Nutrition whole-body support, Targeted Nutrition that target specific needs: from heart and brain wellness to digestive support, Cleansing Nutrition with enzymes and probiotics, Healthy Eating with Vitality dietary essential oils to einkorn grain and healthy snacks.

AgilEase is a Supplement to Support Joint Health

AgilEase was formulated for Joint Health to support your joints so you can keep on living the life you love! Our joints are often the first to feel our age or the effects of the frequent vigorous athletic activity. Even healthy individuals need support for the natural acute inflammatory response that often comes with exercise or a little help promoting joint flexibility and mobility to support your active lifestyle.

Agilease is a Supplement with Essential Oils

The combination of ingredients to help support joint and cartilage function. We specifically chose 100 percent pure, therapeutic-grade Wintergreen, Copaiba, Clove, and Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oils to support joints.

AgilEase Supports Mobility

It’s perfect for individuals who are looking to keep up their active lifestyles by supporting joint mobility and flexibility. This supplement can reduce acute joint discomfort and support the body’s healthy response to inflammation from exercise. This synergistic formula delivers results in smaller doses than most joint supplements, in just two daily capsules compared to others’ four daily capsules.

Take AgilEase to improve joint health or as a preventative measure to protect joint and cartilage health. It is especially beneficial for athletes and active individuals of all ages who want to support their joints and cartilage.


Benefits and Features:

  • Supports and protects joint and cartilage health.*
  • Beneficial for athletes and active individuals of all ages.
  • The perfect companion to an active lifestyle.
  • Supports the body’s response to acute inflammation in healthy individuals.*
  • Helps support healthy joint flexibility and mobility.*
  • Formulated with ingredients and essential oils for healthy joint support.*
  • Helps ease acute joint discomfort to improve quality of life.*

AgilEase Product Information Page

How to Use AgilEase
For best results, take two capsules daily for joint support.*
Store in a cool, dark place.

AgilEase Ingredients

AgilEase, 5764 label

AgilEase – 60 caps
Item # 5764

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 5 in


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