ART Skin Care System #5363


The ART Skin Care System includes Light Moisturizer,   Refreshing Toner, and Gentle Cleanser. This easy-to-follow skincare regimen is gentle enough for every skin type and helps build youthful-looking skin now and long term.
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Item #5363



ART Skin Care System

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ART Skin Care System | Item #5363
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are only available from Young Living Essential Oils. Display all Young Living Skincare online from GF-Oils. Start Here. Above all, our skincare products are chemical-free. They also help you begin each day with the aromatherapeutic power of essential oils for bath and body. Enjoy luxurious lotions and more to soothe, energize, and nourish your skin without harmful additives. Nothing feels and smells like Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, for that reason, insist on them. Please contact us with any questions. Young Living’s ART Skin Care System safely and effectively cleanses, tones, and moisturizes your face to bring out your natural and inherent beauty. That is the beauty of ART®!

ART Skin Care System

ART Skin Care System in 3 Easy Steps

Great skincare starts with three fundamental steps. They include cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Our new ART Skin Care System offers three formulated products that are designed to do just that. Authentic beauty radiates from within, and these products were created to emphasize your inherent beauty.

Amazing System

This is probably the most amazing skin care system available anywhere at any price. The reason is that Young Living has brought together three health-supporting technologies that have not EVER been used together until NOW. This system serves as the foundation of your daily skincare regimen.

The ART Skin Care System includes:

1 Light Moisturizer (30ml)
1 Refreshing Toner (4 fl. Oz)
1 Gentle Cleanser (3.38 fl oz.)


Let’s take a closer look at the products included in this system kit.

ART Gentle Cleanser
Young-Living-ART-Gentle-CleanserCleansing twice daily is the first step to healthier-looking skin. Offering the same essential oil benefits as its predecessor, our new Gentle Cleanser uses additional plant-based ingredients to gently and effectively remove pore-clogging impurities from the skin. We recommend using ART Gentle Cleanser morning and night or after any heavy sweating. Use lukewarm water and lather a nickel-sized amount of cleanser with your hands before massaging it onto the face. Rinse, and then pat dry. The mild foaming action leaves your face feeling clean, soft, and supple without stripping it of its natural oils.


ART Refreshing Toner
Young-Living-ART-TonerApplying toner is an oft-skipped step, but if you want maximum benefits from your skin care regimen, don’t leave it out! Providing essential oils in a light, easily-absorbing formula, ART Refreshing Toner smooths and balances the skin.

After cleansing diminishes the appearance of pores and removes residual particles left behind after cleansing. To apply, dampen a cotton ball with toner and gently swipe across clean, dry skin.


ART Light Moisturizer
Young-Living-ART-Light-MoisturizerA good moisturizer forms a hydrating barrier on the skin to lock moisture and other beneficial ingredients into the skin and protect it from environmental attacks. Our new ART Light Moisturizer combines the best features of the former Day Activator and Night Reconstructor into one advanced, essential oil-infused formula. With new active botanicals that work with all skin types to help retain and maintain proper hydration, ART Light Moisturizer also reduces the visible signs of aging, evens skin tone, and improves skin elasticity. Massaged into the face morning and evening after applying toner, this moisturizer leaves your complexion refreshed, renewed, and radiant.



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