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Young Living Education Meetings – Denver, Colorado

Young Living Education Meetings. Learn more about how to use Young Living Oils and Change Your Life! Would you like to learn more? Gather 5-10 of your friends in the Denver area. Pick a class and call me at: 303-782-4842 and let’s schedule it!

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Young Living Education Meetings
Learn more about how to use Young Living Oils and Change Your Life!
deb-momDebbie Allen is a Young Living Silver Member. This is a picture of Debbie and her mother, Joanne Schwarm, also a Silver member. She has been a Young Living Distributor since 1997. As wholesale members and distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, they teach the importance of using genuine, therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils for optimum health and wellness.

Debbie has been an advocate of natural health and wellness for many years. Debbie is a Master Nutrition Therapist, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and expert in the areas of food and our relationship to it. Adding essential oils are a daily contribution to emotional and physical wellness.

Learn how to use the natural healing power of Young living Oils today. Call to schedule a class for you and your friends and family.

Would you like to learn more? Gather 5-10 of your friends in the Denver area. Pick a class and call me at: 303-782-4842 and let’s schedule it!


Previous Events


cold-coughKnock Out Cold and Cough with Essential Oils
Every year at certain times the news media floods us with dire predictions about the upcoming cold season – the possibility (or probability!) of an uncontrollable pandemic – and the latest information…

Learn how to use oils effectively against respiratory conditions, topically, internally and even which oils to diffuse in your home to purify your air and promote everyone’s respiratory health at the same time.

Detox Your Home
Detoxing Your Home
Learn about toxic free options for your home and personal care products.

  • Keep toxins out of your home and save money with safe, effective natural options with therapeutic grade essential oils.
  • Household cleaning products to cosmetics and cooking tools, limiting your exposure to household toxins will help reduce hormonal threats, reboot your metabolism, and feel GREAT!

Raindrop Fundamentals
The Raindrop Technique combines the science of aromatherapy by applying Young Living Essential Oils. This is a NON CERTIFICATION class; just introduction to those wanting to use the techniques with friends and family.

Subjects covered:

  • Vita Flex Review
  • Reflexology “Basics”
  • Learn raindrop techniques
  • Essential oils are applied along the spine and the feet to back to bring structural and energetic alignment.
  • The oils used in the technique are supporting to over all vitality.

Homemade Holidays: DIY Essential Oil Gifts
DIY Holiday
Help make your home more inviting during the holiday season by creating seasonal aromas with essential oils. Share the gift of essential oils this holiday season with easy personal care DIYs!

We have tried-and-true recipes that are easy, inexpensive, and just a little luxurious. Plus, they make great personalized gifts for the holidays!

Clearing Old Energy from Your Space
oils-clear-energyClear out the old, and start fresh. Every time you clean your home or office, you are removing negative energy. Cleaning your home or workspace will make it lighter and more positive. Learn how to clear old energy, wipe the slate clean, and get your home life in order. This class teaches you how to purge old items from your space, basic organization, and energy clearing with Young Living Essential Oils. Out with the old – to allow the new to enter! Essential oils can help you clear that energy out and raise your vibrational frequency.

Topic: Speed Oiling Class

We’ve all heard of Speed Dating! Now it is time to attend a Speed Oiling Party! Join us for a fast, fun, oily education! Come learn, touch, smell and enjoy the aromas of Young Living Essential Oils.
Move along to different stations for 5 minutes each. By the end of this workshop, you’ll know all about Young Living Everyday essential oils and how to use them to help with almost all of your everyday issues.
You will have 5 minutes to listen, experience an oil, and ask questions. Each table will have a bottle of oil to sniff and sample! Also, at some tables we will add products with that oil in it to enhance your experience.
No sales pressure, just great oily fun! Light refreshments will be served, and there will be MANY giveaways**

EO 101: Young Living Introductory Meeting
(Most Popular/Basics)

Young Living Party
Please join us for an afternoon of fun and information to learn about Young Living’s Therapeutic-grade essential oils.

  • Let’s look at the basics.
  • You may be a new member
  • You may be curious about the oils.
  • You want to learn more about the oils.
  • You have had some experience with the oils.

We will learn how to use the 10 most basic essential oils.
Everyday-Oils-Kit We will cover items like….

  • What is Young Living?
  • What is an essential oil?
  • How can essential oils benefit me and my family?
  • How can essential oils benefit me and my family?

Experience the synergy of gathering with other health-minded individuals
Therapeutic-grade essential oils are considered to be the leading edge of natural healing. They have been used throughout history as natural medicine for physical issues, for beauty, and to ease pain, depression, and stress. Join us for an educational and fun-filled aromatherapy gathering and experience the joy of therapeutic grade essential oils!

Topic: Aromatherapy Detox
Detox-Oils Discover medicinal benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils to help relieve addictions, anxiety and depression.

Debbie Allen, Master Nutrition Therapist shares her experiences using Young Living Essential Oils to provide natural solutions to help create and maintain emotional balance, physical vitality and mental clarity, as well as a safe, green alternative.


Young Living Beauty School
Young Living Beauty School (Review)
We will share the latest details on our entire personal care line, as well as hands-on training with our skin care products and essential oils. At this unique event you will enjoy a sampling of the Young Living Beauty products, along with a firsthand experience of our beautifying skin-care regimen. As you cleanse, exfoliate, tone, restore, moisturize, and refine your face, you will discover the power of these amazing oil-infused products.


Health, Wellness and Purpose!
This is a Full Day Event including healthy lifestyles that goes beyond “green” and promote a clean and vibrant lifestyle with essential oils. It’s all about caring and sharing the Young Living products. Learn how to take charge of you and your family’s health!
Essential Oils 101: The Basics
Family Health
Zyto Compass
Livin’ the Dream (Intro to YL Business)


AromaDome® Training (3 hour Class $50.00)
aromadome The AromaDome® is revolutionizing the world of Aromatherapy! It is beckoning and calling humanity to reach within and become one with their breath. This could be the single most important and powerful purpose in one’s life. The answer we all seek is in the breath.

This is a very in depth class to learn how the oils work in our brains, for emotional support, for spiritual awakening, and how they effect ours bodies physically. We will discuss the many different ways to use our oils as well as learning how to integrate these different oil usages with the AromaDome.

Aroma_Dome_Deluxe_Package Even if you have already been trained in the basics of Young Living oils, I am sure there will be new wisdom to be discovered and or you may deepen your knowledge with new perspectives in different ways.

Everyone will be partnering up in groups of 2’s or 3’s. If you have an AromaDome and the diffuser it came with either the Whisperer or the AromaLux please bring it along with a power strip with a surge protector and an extension cord. We only need 1 AromaDomes per 2-3 people. We will explore and experience giving and receiving AromaDome sessions for physical, emotional, spiritual and for manifestation purposes.

Julie’s book “AromaDome, Changing Lives One Breath at a Time” will be available for purchase at the workshop along with the brand new AromaDome Brochures that you may purchase to hand out to clients and at health fairs booths etc..
What can I bring to the event?

  • Your AromaDome and the diffuser it came with
  • A yoga mat, blanket, sheep skin, or something to lie down on while in the AromaDome
  • A blanket to cover yourself while in the AromaDome
  • A variety of Young Living Essential Oils. Some for physical purposes like Copaiba, Pan Away, Balsam Fir etc… some for stress like Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Lavender, Rutavala, Cedarwood. Some for emotional purposes like Forgiveness, Present Time, Surrender, Harmony, Transformation, Sacred Mountain, Believe, Joy etc.. Some for spiritual awakening like Frankincense, Inspiration, Hong Kuai, Idaho Blue Spruce etc.. some for manifestation like, Highest Potential, Magnify Your Purpose, Abundance, Into The Future. It is NT necessary to bring all these oils just bring the oils that you would like to use for your own session in the AromaDome.

It is recommended to get alkalined the night before. A few suggestions would be eating green leafy veggies, drinking green drinks, putting Lemon oil in your water or Young Living’s Alkalime in your water are some great ways to alkaline. Bring a notebook, glass or stainless steel water bottle and most important…an open mind!


Livin’ The Dream: Your Young Living Business
This business is all yours! You can make this business succeed in many ways. Business-Basics Classes, videos, blog or even handing out samples of oils to people in your everyday life. The oils really sell themselves. All you need to have is a passion to share.
This class will share details and strategies using our compensation plan which is one of the industry’s most generous, higher-than average payout through commissions, sizeable bonuses, and retail sales, just for sharing essential oils.

We will also touch on the value and convenience of our Essential Rewards autoship program. Learn more about the points towards free products, shipping discounts, bonuses and access to program-exclusive promotions.


Healing Oils of The Bible
Healing Oils of the Bible is a book written by Dr. David Stewart. In this class, we share bible verses that reference essential oils that were used in the Bible and the significance of aromatherapy Bible uses. Young Livings ‘Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture’ will be discussed and their aromas inhaled along with Biblical scriptures and historical and present day uses.

Learn how to implement the meaning of anointing. The Hebrew word for anointing means to rub or massage a person with oil. Essential oils have been an integral part of the daily lives of people for over ten thousand years. They have been used to support the body, mind and spirit since before the time of record keeping as we know it. This class helps you realize taking care of God’s temple (your body, mind and heart) means following God’s laws of emotional, mental and physical health. Focus on the fact that virtually all disease has a cause which may include a connection between our unresolved emotions and our physical bodies; to realize forgiveness is necessary to prevent disease and, once healed, to keep it from returning; how anointing with oils and praying amplifies our intent and hastens healing.

Pets and Emotions
Pets have emotions, too! In this class you can learn how to address your pet’s health and emotional wellness using oils, man’s first medicine. We will learn accupressure points using oils to annoint our furry friends.

Why and How To Use Essential Oil Blends
oil-blends Young Living has a large inventory of therapeutic grade ssential oil blends. Come to this class and learn why Gary Young (founder of Young Living Oils) combines oils together, giving you well-rounded benefits and a more complex fragrance experience.
In the blend, RC, which was created by D. Gary Young, not one of the single oils in the blend (eucalyptus globulus, eucalyptus radiata, eucalyptus citriodora, myrtle, pine, spruce, marjoram, lavender, cypress, and peppermint) has been shown to have greater than 50% “kill rate” against germs. Many of us have discovered that RC is indispensable for any type of respiratory issue. The possibilities are endless.


Young Living Meeting (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Young Living Introductory Meeting?
A Young Living Introductory Meeting is a class designed to explore the beginnings of Young Living, from Founder and CEO D. Gary Young’s personal discovery of essential oils to our current status as the World Leader in Essential Oils®. Attendees will gain insights into our pure, potent products; discover the Young Living lifestyle; and learn how they can become members of the global Young Living family!

Who will teach the class?
Debbie Allen will lead most classes. We also invite talent from our team of global trainers for special events and trainings. Each event may have a different speaker, so please see the event details for each event listed.

Where can I learn more and/or register for the class?
Please call me, Debbie Allen at: 303-782-4842 to schedule an event/class.

What is the cost to register for the class?
The fee varies, depending on event. We are thrilled about the great attendance we have had at our educational events and want to make sure we have enough seats for everyone who wants to attend.

What if the event says that online registration is now closed?
This simply means that the tickets sold for the event have met the threshold; however, we do anticipate that some ticket holders will not arrive for the event. In this case, we may have extra seats available at the time of the event. We will have a standby line for those wanting to attend, but who did not register beforehand.

What time does the class start?
Each class listed, will note the time, location individually.

What is the attire for the class? Do I need to bring anything?
Comfortable attire is recommended; no materials are required other than those you might want for taking notes.

May I bring my child or infant to the class?
In order to help you and other members have the best experience possible, we encourage you to not bring children. Mothers may bring their infants; however, please be aware that no nursing rooms will be available. Please also be considerate of other members if your infant cries, etc.

Will a meal be provided? No meal will be provided by Young Living. As the class takes place in the evening, we recommend that attendees eat before the class begins.

Do I have to be a member to attend? No. We invite everyone to come and learn and will even have an excellent new-enrollment promotion that you can take advantage of! See a member of the sales table at the event for more information.

Got questions?
Please call Debbie Allen at: 303-782-4842

Not in Denver? Looking for your local events?



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