Inner Defense Softgels #3295


Inner Defense Softgels reinforce systemic defenses, create unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus. This also promotes healthy respiratory function. The liquid softgels dissolve quickly for maximum results. Check out All Young Living Supplements. Start Here.

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Young Living Inner Defense Softgels

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Inner Defense Softgels | Item #3295
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Inner Defense Softgels

Inner Defense SoftgelsInner Defense softgels reinforce systemic defenses. This creates unfriendly terrain for yeast and fungus. This promotes healthy respiratory function. Inner Defense soft gels contain potent essential oils like oregano, thyme, and Thieves oil blend, which is rich in thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol for immune support. The liquid softgels dissolve quickly for maximum results.

Why Do You Need Inner Defense Supplements?

In today’s toxic environment, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy immune function. With constant exposure to harmful germs and bacteria, poor diet, and lack of sleep, body system stress can negatively affect physical and emotional health. Inner Defense contains a wide variety of powerful essential oils like oregano, thyme, and Young Living’s proprietary Thieves essential oil blend.

How Can Inner Defense Help me?

Start a wellness routine. Fall is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, so support a healthy immune system all month long with a 30-day supply of Inner Defense. Rake in the health benefits. Up your daily dose to 3–5 softgels or combine the healthy immune-supporting power of Inner Defense with our probiotic powerhouse Life 9®.

Inner Defense strengthens the body systems by:

  • Creating an unfriendly environment for yeast and fungus
  • Improves digestion
  • Supports the respiratory system to help fight wintertime discomforts and enhance well-being.*

Primary Benefits of Inner Defense:

  • Reinforces systemic defenses*
  • Creates unfriendly terrain for yeast and fungus*
  • Promotes healthy respiratory function*
  • Rich in thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol for immune support*

What Makes Inner Defense Unique?

Many people think essential oils are the same as herbs, but there is a huge difference. Essential oils are far more potent. Essential oils are highly concentrated forms of fresh or dried herbs. To illustrate, it often takes many pounds of herbs to make a mere ounce of essential oil. Because of their concentrated potency, it takes only a very small amount of essential oil to support the body systems and improve immune health.* Easy-to-swallow, liquid soft-gels dissolve quickly in the stomach for maximum results.

Who Should Use Inner Defense?

This product is ideal for those with a weak or stressed immune system.*

FAQ: Powerful Ingredients of Inner Defense:

  • Oregano oil is rich in the phenolic of carvacrol, which is known to support well-being when the body is distressed.
  • Thyme oil is a rich source of phenol called thymol. Thymol is a substance known to create an unfriendly environment for yeast and fungus.* It has been used as a purifying agent in the dental industry for many years.
  • Cinnamon bark oil is very high in cinnamaldehyde, a very powerful cleansing compound.

We infuse nutritional supplements with the added benefit of essential oils.

This enables nature’s living energy to provide extra internal body support. Young Living’s supplements contribute to overall wellness. This is done by balancing dietary insufficiencies and infusing the body with essential oils. They are naturally derived and also plant-based to care for the entire family. Our supplements include several unique products including NingXia Red liquid nutrition, Slique weight-management, Foundation Nutrition whole-body support, Targeted Nutrition that target specific needs: from heart and brain wellness to digestive support, Cleansing Nutrition with enzymes and probiotics, Healthy Eating with Vitality dietary essential oils to einkorn grain and healthy snacks.

We Sell Only Young Living Essential Oils.

As the world leader in essential oils, we believe everyone deserves a life full of wellness and abundance. Our vision is to bring the life-changing benefits of essential oils to every home, family, and lifestyle. Are you looking for essential oil-enhanced personal care, home, and wellness products from Young Living? Then you have found the right place. has sold Young Living Essential Oil Products online since 1997. We invite you to explore our mission and offerings and see how Young Living enhances your life.

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In addition, the most requested items include Lavender oil, single oils, oil blends, roll-ons, massage oils, Lavender oil-infused bath products, Thieves Oil Blend products such as foaming bath soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, laundry soap. Plus we have a variety of diffusers to liven up your home or office and much more. Our story started more than 20 years ago with a simple, home-built essential oil distillery. Today, our farms and community span the globe. Because of our proven commitment to providing nature’s best, millions trust us to deliver superior essential oils.


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How to Use:

Take 1 capsule daily in the a.m. or take 1 capsule 3-5 times daily when stressed. For best results, use Life 9™ probiotic 8 hours later.


Young Living's Inner Defense Softgels #3295

Keep out of reach of children.

If pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use. Keep in a cool, dark place. Do not expose to excessive heat or direct sunlight.

Inner Defense, 30 Softgels – Item # 3295

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