Targeted Support Supplements

Targeted Support

Targeted Support means giving your body the support it needs.

Whether you want to benefit your immune and digestive systems or support cognitive function, we have the supplements that give your body what it needs most. The major systems of our body are comprised of groups of organs that allow our body to move, think, protect itself and continue functioning. The major systems are grouped by structure and function, but all are interdependent, and some work more closely than others. Each “body system” requires nutrition for metabolic homeostasis. Metabolic homeostasis may be defined as when the nutrients consumed and absorbed match the energy required to carry out life’s biological processes. Maintaining the body’s energy status quo is crucial because when metabolic homeostasis is disturbed by nutrition imbalance or disease, our bodily functions suffer.

Digestive/EnzymesTargeted Support Nutrition
K & B
Alkalime Stick Packs – 30ct
ComforTone Capsules
Digest + Cleanse
Life 9 – 30ct


ImmuPro Chewable Tablets
Inner Defense
Super C Chewable Tablets
Super C Tablets
Thieves Essential Oil-Infused Cough Drops

BLM Capsules
PowerGize – 60 ct

MindWise -16 oz

CortiStop Women’s Capsules
PD 80/20 Capsules
PowerGize – 60 ct
Thyromin Capsules

FemiGen Capsules
PowerGize – 60 ct
Prostate Health

AgilEase – 60 ct
BLM Capsules
Vitamin C
Sulfurzyme Capsules
Sulfurzyme Powder
Super Cal PLUS Capsules


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