Weight Management

Weight Management: Slique Tools for Losing Weight

Maintaining healthy weight management

Maintaining healthy weight management is all about using the right tools. We have just the thing – with Slique! Our extensive, proven Slique line offers the right solution for your weight management needs. Many people are challenged with losing weight. Now Young Living products offer a natural option. Lose weight naturally with a money-back guarantee. The Slique Weight Management line of products offers natural, nontoxic, nutritious, organic, and deliciousness!

A Safer way to lose weight

Give your body a healthy nutritious Young Living essential oil-infused product option. Studies reveal that products infused with essential oils as the delivery system, increase nutrient uptake up to 75%. What does that mean? It means the pure nutrients of the products are delivered where you need them, inside the cell.

Weight Management Products

Slique Advanced (Kit)
Slique Assist
Slique Bars
Slique Bars 6pk – Chocolate Coated
Slique CitraSlim – 15 Dual Packs
Slique Complete
Slique Essence Oil Blend
Slique Gum
Slique Maintain
Slique Shake – 15pk
Slique Tea – Ocotea Oolong Cacao
Wolfberry Crisp Bars – Chocolate Coated

weight management 2 Marc Schreuder

When Marc Schreuder was challenged to help complete the Slique™ Experience kit, he soon learned that weight loss involved more than just eating patterns and exercise. The secret to successful, lasting weight reduction must include the satiety center of the brain, the emotions, and the intestinal tract.

Marc found his own weight levels began to drop dramatically as he employed all three. In just 6 months, he successfully released 52 lbs. and enjoys greater health than ever before! ​Marc also completely took all store-bought wheat out of his life converting it over to Young Living grown and harvested Einkorn.
You may ask – Einkorn?
What is that? Learn more about Einkorn



Slique Challenge Winners

Are you looking for motivation to achieve your weight loss?
The combined lost weight of winners Kelly Dolan, Eric Barbour, Todd Dorsey, Cecilia Deckman, Stephen Brossoit, and Brandyce Luna was more than 160 pounds! Each of these individuals won by losing the greatest percentage of weight in their category and was awarded a $5,000 cash prize and worldwide recognition.


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