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Getting Started With Young Living …Are you ready? Getting Started with Young Living


Getting Started  Why choose Young Living?  

Young Living’s Essential Oils are the purest essential oils on the planet. They are even far more powerful than the botanicals from which they come. These oils are extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing. Any time you hold a bottle of Young Living’s powerful essential oils, you hold nature’s pure essence.

Getting Started - Young Living Farms with associates. About me and my team at Young Living Farm

Young Living embraces a rigorous quality control standard to help ensure products meet strict specifications.

Seed to Seal is Young Living’s own set of standards that helps ensure that with every pure Young Living essential oil. A pristine final product that you know has been created with conscientious Sourcing, Science, and Standards, the three pillars of Seed to Seal. As the leader of the essential oils movement, Young Living is paving the way for every other essential oil company to improve processes that protect our planet and ensure the highest quality standards.

Getting Started – Who is Debbie Allen’s Young Living Team?

We love Young Living Products. We have been daily users of Young Living Oil Products since 1997. We have had success at empowering personal wellness and integrating the oils into our daily practice. We like sharing the oils with everyone that wants to learn. We use Young Living products in our homes and offices. We use the oils to start our day in our bathroom as well as our kitchen to cook and clean in our everyday lives. Join me in learning how essential oils from plants heal your life!



Getting Started – What We Provide

We are a team dedicated to promoting wellness, purpose, and abundance through Young Living Essential Oils. Our vision is to share the powerful goodness of Young Living with every home. We offer classes to share our knowledge, provide resources to inspire others to teach essential oil classes providing you with class outlines, flyers, and information to boost your efforts. We also provide an active Facebook Group that includes Young Living product updates, recipes, nutritional and informational articles, and more. If you want to learn more, click here to join our Facebook Group and check in frequently for news and updates.

Daily Blog

Deb and Joanne

We love to help our team members educate themselves about the many uses for Young Living Essential Oils.

Click on Young Living Education to learn more about local and online classes.
Click on Business Builders to find tips and information for running your own Young Living Business.
Click on Resources to get documents, videos, and resource materials to educate yourself about Essential Oils.
Click on Young Living Infused Recipes for skincare and dining.

What are YOUR Dreams for YOUR FUTURE?

  • Improved health
  • Greater financial freedom and independence
  • Opportunity to help others

Getting Started with Young Living. We can help you get there!  As a Young Living Independent Distributor, you will receive many benefits:

  • 24 percent discount off the retail price
  • Potential to earn commissions
  • Ability to enroll in the Subscription program and earn free product
  • The knowledge that you are part of a worldwide mission dedicated to helping others

1. Education
2. Start Living Kits
3. Ordering
4. Earn Free Products

1. Learn about how the essential oils will work for you!

There’s plenty of information right here.

2. Select from one of our Premium Starter Bundles

Young Living has designed some discounted Starter Bundles to support the changing needs of new members

Start Living now!

Premium Starter Kits
— Everything in the basic kit above plus nine more of our most popular essential oils for home, health, and heart.
That’s all there is to getting started with Young Living Essential Oils! If you have any questions, aren’t sure where to start, or can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact me by email or at 303-782-4841.

Buy as a Retail Customer

YLEO Business opportunityHow To Get Wholesale Pricing:

Wholesale essential oils are the most economical way to your wellness and longevity.

  • Why pay more than you have to?
  • Why not take advantage of that what you are doing already anyway?
  • What if we assume that an Independent distributor is a very smart shopper buying essential oils at wholesale prices?

Are you already a wholesale member of Costco or Sams Club? Joining Young Living is similar, but MUCH better.

All you need to do to maintain your membership is to simply place a $50.00 minimum order annually. Sam’s and Costco have annual membership fees! (They don’t have these oils either!) All you need is more information to help you to overcome your perception about the status of an ‘Independent distributor’ if you have any. I believe buying any product at the highest quality and at the lowest possible price is a smart thing to do. I have been doing that for years and never regretted it.

NO AUTO SHIP COMMITMENT is EVER required unless you choose to participate.
Sign up for the Young Living family NOW.

Numerous possibilities for Independent distributors (wholesale buyers) and it is solely your decision that you will take advantage of.

  • Over 24% discount from published retail prices
  • Young Living’s Subscription Program – free product credits every month
  • Subscription kits offer additional savings available, discounted shipping, special promotions, and special “members only” announcements!
  • Free Young Living Newsletter
  • Free access to the Young Living company website for information and online ordering
  • Possible tax deduction

Purchase one of the Premium Starter Kit, which includes (11) oils, product guides, and business building materials.

NOTE: The Distributor Agreement (in the Premium Starter Kit) must be signed and sent back to Young Living within 30 days of enrolling.

  1. Enroll as a Distributor, using our online order form:

CLICK HERE or call us at 303-782-4841 (Mtn Time) to place your order. When ordering online, provide #73621 as your Sponsor’s number. When you enroll, a NEW SPONSOR ID# will be issued to you.

2. Place your initial “wholesale qualifying” order

Premium Starter Kit. When you enroll, purchase a Premium Starter Kit ($160.00) as your first order.

3. Place a product order.

Place a second order to purchase the products of your choice and begin to experience firsthand the life-enhancing effects of Young Living Essential Oils,
personal care, and nutritional supplements.

4. Young Living will e-mail me your name, address, and new Sponsor ID# number for our records.

We will send you a package of Start-Up materials to help you succeed in your business and set up a powerful income producing internet business. To stay informed, ask me how to learn more about essential oils, distributors can subscribe to our chat groups.

How do you choose products to order first?

We recommend that you start at a minimum with the Premium Starter Kit. Got questions? Call me at 303-782-4841 if you cannot decide where to start. Of course, if you see something else that you want to try, by all means, try it!

Getting Started – Do all 3 steps here. Enroll now.

We also recommend that no matter what products you choose, you also get a “how-to” book. This is the best way to learn how to use Young Living’s many essential oils and other products. Any one of the two books listed below is a good place to start, but the bigger books give you a lot more information!


Essential Oils Pocket Reference, 6th Edition
Compiled by Life Science Publishing
This volume contains a selection of key chapters including safety, application, Raindrop Technique, Vita Flex, Emotional Response, and the all-important personal usage section
(with essential oil and supplement recommendations for over 300 references to injuries and illnesses), and three detailed look-up charts on all YLEO products, single essential oils, and essential oil blends. This book can be ordered here: CLICK HERE
Ask me how to get one for free with your initial order. We hope you’ll enjoy all the free information and training on this website!

To buy “America’s Favorite Oils”
Call 303-782-4841 (Mtn Time) to place your order. Provide my ID #73621 as your Sponsor’s number. When you enroll, a NEW ID# will be issued to you.

Download the membership application.


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Lastly, what’s New? Check out our BLOG HERE.