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MindWise Sachet makes it easy for a single serving! Mindwise is Young Living’s advanced brain wellness serum, now available in portable on-the-go-sachets.
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Item # 20223



MindWise Sachet

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MindWise Sachet | Item #20223
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First of all, infusing nutritional supplements with the added benefit of essential oils enables nature’s living energy to provide internal bodily support. Young Living’s supplements contribute to overall wellness. This is done by balancing dietary insufficiencies and infusing the body with essential oils. They are naturally derived and also plant-based to care for the entire family. Our supplements include several unique products including NingXia Red liquid nutrition, Slique weight-management, Foundation Nutrition whole-body support, Targeted Nutrition that target specific needs: from heart and brain wellness to digestive support, Cleansing Nutrition with enzymes and probiotics, Healthy Eating with Vitality dietary essential oils to einkorn grain and healthy snacks.

MindWise Sachet (30 Servings)

Mindwise - Sachet with NingxiaSupport normal cardiovascular health and cognitive health on the go with MindWise Sachet – Single-serving packets! These convenient sachets make it easy to take this supplement. Use for heart and brain function anywhere you go. The formula includes a vegetarian oil made from cold-pressed sacha inchi seeds. They are harvested from the Peruvian Amazon. Other medium-chain triglyceride oils, MindWise has a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, it uses a combination of fruit juices and extracts, turmeric, and pure essential oils. We have created a heart and brain function supplement with a taste you’ll love!

Mindwise includes a Memory Function Blend

MindWise also includes our proprietary memory function blend made with bioidentical CoQ10, ALCAR, and GPC—ingredients that have been studied for their unique benefits. With generous amounts of vitamin D3, this premium supplement is equipped to support normal brain function and overall cognitive and cardiovascular health.*

Features and Benefits of MindWise:

  • Supports normal brain and heart function*
  • Contains a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Includes GPC, ALCAR, and bioidentical CoQ10, all studied for their beneficial properties*
  • Supports heart health by replenishing the body with CoQ10*
  • Features an improved, smoother texture
  • Includes no added preservatives
  • Formulated with turmeric
  • Easy to use on-the-go packaging

Product Tip
Shake well before each use and refrigerate after opening.

Mindwise - Sachet label


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

MindWise Sachet, 30 packets
Item #20223

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Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 3 in


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